Oh hi XD Im Jo-Ann, 24, PNW grown, lesbian, long boarding, 420, standup bass player, adventurist, discgolf, dessert baker, alternative, hopeless romantic, travel, Seattle is my second home and i drop beats not bombs. i love meeting new people so feel free to send me a message :-)
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To fall in love with a stranger and then be able to call them your best friend and your rock is a crazy consept
I feel in love with a woman who is now my best friend
To make the choice no longer date and just be roommates after 19 months is hard
But is it worth it to stay with someone when its just to much work to stay together?
I care so much about Dani but I know if we try and force us to stay together I’ll louse my best friend in the process.
It will take time to except that her and are are bestie and nothing more. Oh to be single and trying to stay happy in the Pnw:)

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